Our Core Values

Move it

Touch it it, move it, look at it from all angles, comprehend it, change your perspective, change the distance, look at it in the dark

Play it

Use it, try it, explore the possibilities, repurpose it, play together

Dream it

Envision, imagine an evolution, think about a revolution, combine it with something unexpected, destroy and rebuild it

Love it

Identify yourself with it, let it become a part of you and vice versa, take it with you, dream of a future together, let it make you proud

Build it

And now, do it, build it, be it, create it, put the pedal to the metal, show that you can do it, bring it into the world

Rock it

Use it, be a rock star, show them all, persuade with with brilliance, take others with you, move and let it sink in

Our Workshop

To demonstrate our work and cooperation, we have created in Winterthur the minusSan workshop.

Here with our clients, and their decision-makers, opinion leaders, project team members, but also with our partners, we create visions, develop, design, and experience making ourselves dirty with chalk and graphite dust.
There should be a platform that proves and amazes how strongly the space works and thus influences their own work. It is a refuge from the usual, old environment of the client. Visions, charisma, emotion and functionality are important landmarks of our workshop.

minu... What?

Tokyo, Peninsula Hotel, summer 2015. Traveled through Hong Kong, Shanghai and Osaka. Visited current projects, started new projects, and talked to many people. Soaked up the city to, once again, be impressed by the Asian mentality and its code that guides how society interacts with an individual and vice versa.

This has become manifest in the fundamentals and orients itself on values that have to be experienced to be understood. The honourable address “san” appeals, attracts attention and embeds itself in a bigger picture. It’s strong, honest, and authentic. It honours the business partners with the sincerest respect. And that’s how it becomes part of the whole. It connects.

That’s «san»!

But that’s still not quite enough context! What is missing to get the complete sense of an appreciated collaboration? Exactly! That there is space available for whomever wants to change the world with us. But that’s not enough. To offer this space, we first have to create it. That’s why we open ourselves to free the trapped thoughts and rituals. Away. We subtract ourselves from what we know. Actively. Thus, «minus».

That’s «minus»!

Now we have space for a partner with whom we aspire a collaboration in which we first free ourselves of all previous and known thinking to create space for new ideas and visions. With true devotion for what was, is and will be.

That’s «minusSan»!

Hell yeah! Thank you, Tokyo, and thank you, red wine!

The world of minusSan